How to fix Localhost Identifier Mismatch?



I am currently running my PMS on my Nvidia Shield. I have the internal storage running through my connected External Hard Drive. Today Plex was running unbearably slow. So I uninstalled the updates for the PMS app on Google Play. I have done this before in the past and had no issues and it worked much better upon reinstalling the updates. Well this time I received a prompt to setup my PMS all over again and if I want it to install default libraries. I backed out and went to go connected to my original server and it was offline. Now I have another server called "Shield Android TV". I finally got rid of this server but still cannot connect to my old one. So I went to my Apple TV and I see a section there under the Servers option that says "localhost" and in red underneath that it says "identifier mismatch". How can I get my server to be recognized and reconnect? I have followed the Plex support forums for hours now.


Uninstalling PMS on the Shield destroys your old server setup. I'm not sure how you were able to do it before and keep your server.

Seeing the name localhost means that you did not configure PMS on the Shield properly yet. You should only see that if you started PMS but have not gone through the setup from the client app or from Plex Web.