How to get metadata for the first episode of Stargate SG-1 when using DVD order?



I've added Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis to my library, using the DVD order option under the advanced settings for the series. Everything has matched correctly, except for the first episode of SG-1 which has no metadata at all. On TVDB, the opening two-parters for both shows are listed using the usual notation for two-parters, except that SG-1 lists them as 1.1 and 1.2 [1], whereas SGA lists them as 1.0 and 1.1 [2]. According to their wiki, SG-1 is correct and SGA is wrong [2], so I doubt I could get them to change the SG-1 listing.

How can I fix the match for the one incorrectly-matched episode?





How is the file named?


It's named "Stargate SG-1 s01e01.m4v", in a folder named "Stargate SG-1". The file named "Stargate SG-1 s01e02.m4v" is correctly matched.


You may have hit a limitation in Plex's implementation of the DVD order.
Plex doesn't support sub-divisions of episode numbers. So I will probably never fetch meta data for this episode.
As a workaround, embed the episode title and the description into the m4v file yourself. Then 'Refresh Metadata' of the show


Thanks. In the end, I was able to obtain an adequate match by moving my SG-1 folder away, emptying the trash and clearing bundles, and then creating a new SG-1 folder. I moved just the first episode back and set the series to Aired Order. Once the metadata had loaded for that episode, I set the series to DVD order and moved the other episodes back. I don't know how stable this solution will be - if it loses the metadata for the first episode I may try your method - although I have disabled local file metadata since it causes other problems.

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@percysnoodle said:
although I have disabled local file metadata since it causes other problems.

Instead of outright disabling LMA, you can pretty much rule out interference from embedded metadata with the matching process by changing the order of the metadata agents.
This has the benefit that you can still use embedded metadata as a fallback if the online sources don't deliver.
And of course this also enables external subtitles and local posters/artwork.

Go to Settings - Server - Agents - Shows - TheTVDB
In there, grab the line 'Local Media Assets' (LMA) with your mouse and drag it downwards, so it ends up being at the bottom of the stack of active agents.
Repeat the same under
Settings - Server - Agents - Shows - TheMovieDatabase
Settings - Server - Agents - Movies - Plex Movie
Settings - Server - Agents - Movies - TheMovieDatabase

But do keep 'LMA' activated.