How to get started creating a skin?



I'm new to Plex and do UX/UI design. Is there any information out there about how to make your own skin? I've seen some stuff pointing to XBMC (now Kodi), but I'm wondering if there's anything specific to Plex? And if not, what things out there about Kodi are still relevant for Plex? Is there a baseline "starting point" skin out there?

Thanks in advance.


The Kodi wiki pages for skinning are the best available resource at this time -- combined with the default Plex skin.

This thread is also important -- shows the changes of the Kodi skinning engine from Frodo onwards (PHT currently uses Frodo, although it appears that may change any day now): Some of the things you find in the wiki pages will need to be changed to the earlier frodo equivalents (left needs to be posx, alight right starts from the right instead of the left, etc.)

The most significant differences between Kodi and Plex for skinning will the various IDs, and listitem properties. Those can be found through examining the default skin.

Also, it does appear a major overhaul of PHT is coming soon which according to the this thread ( will break all existing skins.


Thanks for letting me know. For some reason, I can't see the last thread that you sent. I just get a page that says Permission Problem. I would love to read over that if we can figure out the permission issues.

If a new version of PHT is coming soon then, I'll probably wait and see what its like before I invest a lot of time coming up with my own skin.


Sorry, my fault. That thread was a Plexpass thread, so you won't be able to see it (wasn't much to see anyways). And making it even more irrelevant -- it's actually out now (again for Plexpass). So far I don't see any skin folders, nor ways to change the skin. :(


And officially the new Plex App for computers is not Kodi based, has no skinning ability currently, and if it does in the future, will not be based on the Kodi skinning engine. The previous Plex Home Theater will apparently receive bug fix updates only, with no new features to come to it.


Thanks again for letting me know. I've definitely decided to hold off on doing a skin. Maybe in the future they'll add that functionality back.

Is the UI significantly different? I'm curious about what it looks like and the functionality.


If you have the iOS or Android versions of Plex -- it looks and behaves like that.