How to get to the queue



I'm sure I'm just overlooking it, but how do I play my queued up items? In the main skin, the menu for adding to the queue also shows "now playing" which takes me to the queue. I'm not seeing anything like that in Night, nor any settings that seem like they would hide it.




I have just tested it and you are right, there is no "Now Playing" home menu entry anymore even if the queue is not empty. But for me it's also missing when using the default or any other skin, can you verify this with your plex installation ? (PHT 1.4.1, PMS 
Also, this menu entry is pulled directly from PMS (it's not a static skin entry), what this means is that it's most certainly a PMS or PHT issue.


Hmm. You're right. It's not available in the default skin either. I was previously using a very old client and I used this feature all the time. Recently updated my client to the latest and it's gone. My server is 9.12.3; 1.4.1 of the client.

So now that I know it's not just this skin, I need to see if this is going to be fixed in the main product.