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Hi all - when I launch Plex from my Sinology NAS I have the orange band at the top of the page saying there is an update available. However in the package centre on the nAS it says the Plex app is up to date. I have downloaded the Plex update but don't know how to manually apply it to the NAS ??? Also I have just updated my iPad ap and that is now not reaching my Plex server because it says it needs to be updated ???

Am I missing something obvious here?? Thanks guys,


Let's start by getting the new version of Plex installed. The latest version is and you can find it on the downloads page by clicking on Plex Pass or Public then click on NAS. Make sure Synology is selected and then select the package that is appropriate for your NAS, which is a ??????

Note: Do not use Chrome or Safari to download the package, they have been known to not complete the download correctly.

Then open package center->settings and set the trust level to allow 'any publisher'. Next, click on Manual Install. Then click on browse and navigate to where ever you saved the downloaded package, select it and click open.

The rest is easy, just follow the on screen prompts. When it's done, you may need to start Plex, in which case go to package center->installed->Plex and click on the 'Action' drop down and select run. It will tell you if Plex is running or stopped under 'Status'.

Then click on the DSM start menu (top left of screen) and click on the Plex icon. Plex should then open in your browser.

Installing Plex like this will NOT effect your libraries, assuming you have already setup Plex. If not, then go ahead and create your libraries.

You should NOT store your media in the default 'video' folder on the NAS, if you have then open DSM control panel->shared folders and create a folder named Media or similar and make sure it has read/write permissions for both Plex and admin. Then move all of your media into the new folder you just created.

If you already have libraries setup, then edit those libraries in Plex by clicking on the pencil icon beside the library name and change the folder address to the new location. Plex should not need to download new metadata, so you should not have any problems, just make sure you run an update on the library after changing the folder path.

Let me know if that has solved your issue or not.


Hello! On the NAS Synology DS215j version installed Plex Server My iPhone and iPad also offers to update the server and displays the published content.

Did you have written, but the update is not installed.
I download the update at the NAS using the Download Manager (have a link to update, I tried to download the update the link from the Web-interface Plex). After downloading via the network I copied the downloaded file on my MacBook and further to the NAS in the center of the packet tried to download the file "Installation Manual" - an error "The operation is impossible." In the "Settings - Certificates" my certificate installed Plex Inc., and confidence level is set to "Any developer."
I even tried to remove the old version of Plex Media Server from your NAS result is the same.

Please help install the update.
Thank you!


To uninstall Plex, open package center->installed->Plex and click on the 'Action' drop-down and select stop. Then click on the 'Action' drop-down and select uninstall.

If you see any error messages, then please grab a screenshot of the message and post it here.

After uninstalling Plex, click on 'Manual Install' then click on browse, navigate to where you saved the downloaded file, select it and click on 'open'. The rest is fairly easy, just follow the prompts.


Trumpy you're a legend !. Thank you so much for fast and spot on reply, followed your instructions to the tee and problem solved, now updated to the cool new Plex model (looks like quite a big change). It seems to be bit of a shame that Plex doesn't automatically renew for the NAS versions ( mines a 415play, very happy with it so far, been running Plex from it for about 8 months now), .

Once again thanks for your help - one more quick question, do you have any recommendations for offsite backing up of a large media collection 7TB plus, I was looking at something like back burner or similar?


@markjwarren No, personally I don't like the idea of using someone else's machine to backup my data, it's just my paranoia kicking in I think, but, like most things, you can be handing over the rights to YOUR data very easily, so make sure you read the fine print before you even consider storing your files in the 'cloud'.

With large USB and internal hard drives available, I would recommend adding a couple to your PC. Seagate have just released an 8TB drive so that would help, but they are not so cheap. Or just grab a few USB drives and use those only when you need to. They will last a lifetime if rarely used and stored securely.


Yeah wise words Trumpy - I've sourced a good Western Digital from a local tech shop for just under $500 buck (NZ) for an 8TB external HD. I think thats the way I'll go - do a data transfer then store it at work and bring it home and do an update every month or so - that way I've got an 'offsite" copy always - and no nosey little pests in the cloud getting their mitts on it!

Thanks again mate, my Plex setup is humming along now. :-)


For $500.00 Bucks I would invest in an internal 8TB drive, that should cost you less than $400.00, but then you wont have the portability, so if the external works for you then that may be the best way to go.

Either way, you'll be able to keep your data out of the 'cloud' and safe ... :))


@trumpy81 said:

You should NOT store your media in the default 'video' folder on the NAS, if you have then open DSM control panel->shared folders and create a folder named Media or similar and make sure it has read/write permissions for both Plex and admin. Then move all of your media into the new folder you just created.

Can I ask why not put the media in the default video folder? I have this setup and have permission for everyone allowed? Why should I not do this? Thankyou


Synology DSM monitors and indexes that location by default and that monitoring/indexing can upset Plex at times and cause excessive scanning of your files. That can be an issue on underpowered NAS. You can turn off indexing of that location in DSM now, and I highly recommend you do that.

You can also have issues with file permissions preventing files from being added to your Plex libraries. In the past, the hidden @eadir folders and files that DSM stores in this location have also caused issues.

So as a precautionary measure, it is best not to use that location for your Plex media storage.

If you use Video Station, you can simply point it to your Plex media folder locations and it will use those locations the same as Plex does.


Ok great info. Thankyou!!!

As an aside. Is the default video folder the only folder that is likely to cause issues? I cant remember if there was a photos/pictures(or any other type?) folder that might cause similar issues?

ps: is there any other do/don'ts with a synology nas for a pms?


As far as I am aware the default video folder is the only one that causes issues, but any of the default folders have the potential to cause an issue with Plex.

I suggest you read the FAQ's page, it contains information related to common problems with Plex on a Synology NAS. Link in my signature.

And DO make sure you name your files correctly and in accordance with the Plex guidelines. See the link in my signature regarding file names.


Thankyou again for your info. I had viewed the forum on my phone and not seen your signature. Great info - cheers.

One further question is the "file indexing" option within DSM for the shared "media" folder. I couldn't find any info on this in the faq or the searches I attempted. Is this something I should enable for my media folder/s?


No, the media indexing option covers the default folders only, unless you add a folder to the list.

You should turn off that option for the default folders. That will help prevent DSM from indexing those folders.


Thankyou very much.


Hey Trumpy - wonder if you can help with this one - a question related to Plex on LG tv's. Have just bought a late 2015 LG smart Tv (49UF770V), was assured by the store that there was a Plex app available for it. I unbox and find there isn't, seems the new operating system on the TV doesn't have one.

Is there an app coming soon for this model/generation of LG tv's or do I need to return the telly?



I have no idea I'm afraid. You would be better off asking your question in the forum here:


cheers mate, will do