How to remedy "Playback failed" in Kodi 17.3 on Ubuntu 17.10?



Server version

Looks like an HTTP 400 error from the [link removed by admin]

No issues playing videos from web player, other than some screen tearing which is why I would like to get Kodi working properly.

Do I have to downgrade the server version? I'm not terribly happy to do that, and would rather wait for a fix and just continue to use the web player for now.

Thanks for any assistance!


I discovered that if the video is transcoded there is no problem streaming in Kodi, but when it is the original bitrate it fails to begin the stream, providing the HTTP 400 error in the logs.


In the server settings, try setting your upload bandwidth to 0 (I. E disable it) that fixed it for me


Thanks HTPC-14! That did the trick!