How to remove sync'ed content from my iPad??



Only option that worked is the nuclear option of deleting all content. Also, how do I remove individual series from a TV show?


No help from anyone?


I was a little confused about this myself but this is my understanding.
depending on how you did the sync in the first place changes the outcome on how you delete things.

for instance if you just sync season 9 episode 3 of a show you can delete that one episode item.
But If you sync the entire show you will need to delete the entire show not 1 episode at a time.

The cleanest option in my opinion is:

Movies - Sync each movie individually and delete it later when done
Music - Create a playlist and sync that guy or else you sync each album at a time, remove from playlist and sync will pull it.
TV - Sync an entire show and in options select limit to x items and check the unwatched only box
This will keep your TV show up to date with the x latest episodes.
When you are done with a show delete the entire show

Again I was super confused about the sync and how to use it but thats what I found after messing with it for a while.


I’ll give that a try…thanks