How to reset once selected bandwith?



I unintentially selected a very low bandwith setting. Now I cannot play any movie from my server. The webapp player clains that the bandwith is to low for the media. It then retries with the same setting after 5 seconds. And then it starts all over again.

There is no optoin to reset the bandwith when this happens. I also found no way to do that in any other setting. I signed out an in again. I delete all session cookies but the bandwith setting seems to persist.

I can abort. But when I try to play the next movie it starts all over again.

Is there a way to set the bandwith anywhere when you are not already playing a movie (which I can't). It seems to me that this is a UX bug.


See wiki article -
From Plex web - settings - 'Web' at top, 'Player' on left.

If that doesn't fix it, ensure your actual server isn't limiting. (From what you describe, less likely)