How to scroll by page?



I am running the most recent Plex Pass version of PMP. I have over 500 movies but scrolling through them takes FOREVER. How do I scroll by page?

In PHT, I could just press Channel Up or Channel Down to scroll by page, but PMP doesn't seem to support scrolling by page at all. What am I missing? I can't imagine that feature doesn't exist...


This feature currently does NOT exist it seems, there are many users requesting it returns… It was missed in the 1.x release of the client then re-added… then with 2.x release, it was missed again… even with the current 2.4.1 release Page up/down is still missing… I’ve recently started asking for a status update on some older posts to see if we can get some action on this request as it seems there are many little posts like this around asking for it…

Fingers crossed the Plex team will manage to re-add this very useful feature into a release soon!


Page up/down would be a great addition to large media data bases since it does take forever to scroll through movies, music and pictures added to Plex.