How to setup .wtv (windows media) file for plex to view through Roku? or other options?



I have hdhomerun prime and I am currently recording tv shows through windows media player. I like the setup , the tv channel grid and easy interface of Windows Media Player however, I am having to convert the files to .mp4 using handbrake to view through plex and roku. It is time consuming and It is messy. It is a lot of manual work. How can I setup plex to read the .wtv files without converting them and to keep it neat where I can find by show, year, episode title, number and date? . Do I need to simply add something somewhere in plex to read .wtv files etc ? If not, Is there another program that would work better with preset script to point to the drive and just play when selected or another way to view on Roku?

How it is now, the folders generally show this year and not the year of the season. I can see the title but there is no episode number to keep them in order. I figured out that the file name, date, season, year and episode number is important to organize series and episodes, so I have been trying to figure out how to straighten my mess out but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the output recording title within Windows media player? For example .wtv recorded output file name reads - "Fargo-The Crocodile's Dilemma-2015_09_10_01_59_00.wtv", I list my folders as (e.g.Title, Year then sub S1 folder,then E1 so on and so on ) I would like the file to read something like this or even shorter - Fargo-The Crocodile's Dilemma-S1E1 2015.wtv
Fargo-The Crocodile's Dilemma-S1E1 9-10-15.wtv The program title is just a random example.. Is there another or a better program that will record and give better title options?

Or if there is an easier way to do it with a script or something point, click, set and let it do the work. Or am I asking for to much?


Maybe MCEBuddy will suit your needs.
Links to a couple of threads...


There is a bug currently in pms that prevents viewing wtv files. The bug should be fixed when it pms gets to 0.9.13.x.


That is nice to hear. Looking forawrd to it. Thank you for responding.


Thank you for the mcebuddy. I will downlad and see if i can set it up. Thank you so much.


I've changed from ios to android and now i haven't bn able to use plex or even cast! I'm finally fukin with it today and as we speak my pc is telling me my ip address has been temporarily blocked..please help as I'm ready to junk it all


I want to thank you Astrofisher!! Mce buddy is working wonderfully and was just what i was looking for. I was able to set it wm to record and have mce grab, convert, name and place the files in corresponding folders and removes most comercials. Awesome!


@MovieFan.Plex said:
There is a bug currently in pms that prevents viewing wtv files. The bug should be fixed when it pms gets to 0.9.13.x. still does not find any WTV files in my D:\Recorded TV folder. If I make that my Home Video folder, files are found and played (as others noted), but not organized in a usable way. Sure would be nice to stream those recorded shows without conversion.


Using MCE Buddy is a huge pain to have to convert a file just to watch a non-encrypted MCE file - VLC can do it no problem! Come on PLEX peeps! FWIW: I’m using the Plex DVR version 1.2.0 and it also doesn’t support .wtv files… go figure.


Plex should work with non-encrypted wtv files. Can you provide me a 30s sample of a file that doesn’t work for you?


I just stumbled upon this thread, while looking for a way to play WTV files in Plex… I’ve added a folder with one wtv file, pointed a TV library at this folder, and that Library shows “There are no items in this library”

I then added another library for “other Videos” instead of TV, and it see’s the WTV File… why doesn’t the “TV Library” see the WTV file?

Got ahead of my self… went to go play that WTV file… and within PLEX I get a dialog box that says “Playback Error: Streaming this media is unsupported”…

So, are WTV files unsupported? I’m running Plex Version


Since you created a TV library, did you name the file accordingly as a TV episode? Plex won’t recognize the file otherwise. When you put it in the Other library, what client did you use to try to playback the file?