How to (with one button) reboot rasplex?




Bought a Raspberry pi 3 and a Logitech harmony companion yesterday and spent the whole night setting it up and making them play nice with eachother. After a few smaller hickups I've got it to work surprisingly well (considering my level of competence...).

The thing is though that besides rasplex I also plan to use retropie to play some games. I have thus installed to OSs (or whatever it's called) with berryboot. It works fine, but there are two things I want done to simplify (=saving those precious few seconds of my life) and one is directly related to rasplex so I'm hoping you can help me.

Is there a series of keystrokes or anything else that I can program in to my Logitech remote so that rasplex reboots?
One way is to tell the remote to make a series of keystrokes (to basically make it reach the "settings bar" and then press the down key three times to reach "restart"). It's not ideal since the amount of down strokes needed changes if are playing around in the settings. But on the other hand, once everything is set up it's not that often you go to that menu.

Bonus question ( the one I'm hoping most for an answer):
Is there a way, after I've rebooted rasplex into berryboot to make it automatically boot into the other OS? Alternatively, is there a way to make my Logitech Harmony work in berryboot?


Yes and Yes

If you want to boot to another OS you will need to add the necessary scripts and modify the default skin to add the parameters. Have a look here, the build its now old but you can update the version from inside the programs and modify again the skin to make it compatible with 1.7.1 and older (I have done this and it works great)

If you want to boot to the other system by mapping it to a button then you will have to map that button to run that script, its not necessary to pass a bunch of commands and you can learn the parameter by just checking the custom skin.

And finally if you want to run this with a physical button to start or shutdown the system I made this script. I also made a similar one for my retropie build so it shutdowns the system on a long press and exit the emulator with a short one (great if you want that nes classic vive or the emulator just hang up to you)

Sorry, no experience with the Harmony