HOWTO: Update Plex on Thecus without losing data




this is my first post here ever and somehow i was not able to choose the correct category under NAS Thecus to start a new discussion. So if any admin could be so nice and move it to the correct category, then it would be really appreaciated.

I searched a while for an answer how to update Plex Server on my Thecus NAS (N5550 in my case) without losing the database all the time. Needs around 3 days to rebuild it, which is really annoying. Nonetheless i learned quite a bit about the settings of Plex while doing so. :)

One way is to purchase the updated Plex app from outkastm, which was nothing i would like to do and pay for every single update. It might be of course ok to charge for work, but i did not want to do.
On the other hand i wonder why the Plex app is not fixed by the authors themselves. This problem seems to be very common to a lot of (if not all) Thecus user. The app deletes the directory with your data base and creates it empty again. Does not matter, if there is a previous installation or not. Does not matter, if you stopped the Plex server on your Thecus before or whatever. Every update is like fresh new install. Update not included.

So my compuer skills are not that bad i think and i believed there should be a free of charge solution for this problem.
My first guess was to ask my best friend, who is master of scripting, to fix the install script of the Plex app.
We already decrypted the app, saw all the Python stuff and he said he could get it done. But i did not really feel like bothering him with this too much.

So just now i did a semi manual update to the latest Plex version and it worked fine the way i did it.
This way is safe from my point of view. If you follow the steps, you should not be able to lose data.
It should work for whoever has the problem updating his Plex server and is losing all his data.

The plex installation is located in the following path:

The database is located in:
/raid/data/module/Plex/sys/Plex Media Server

Step 1:
Rename the main Plex directory.
I like to add just an underscore to do this, but you could additionally add _backup. The result should be then:

If you are a windows user, then you can use WinSCP to do this. Protocol SCP, username root and your passwort.

You are safe now. Your installation and database are safe for any modification from the update, which is a new installation in reality and kills everything.

Step 2:
Go to the Thecus webpage of your NAS. Your Plex installation disappeared due to the renaming of the folder. That's ok.
Install the version you would like to update to.
It will create a new directory:

Step 3:
Delete the Plex Media Server directory of the NEW installation. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR BACKUP!!!
delete /raid/data/module/Plex/sys/Plex Media Server

Copy or move the directory with your data:
/raid/data/module/Plex_backup/sys/Plex Media Server
to the newly installed directory

I moved mine since a copy needs so much longer. But if you worry, then copy it.
Your data is safe in both cases. So do not worry. Worst case you move the directory back to your backup, delete the new installaton and rename the backup to its original name.

Step 5:
Go to the webpage of your Thecus NAS and stop the Plex app and start it again.

Step 6:
Enjoy, jump around and maybe say thank you to me, if i helped you.

Feel free to ask questions here. I am glad to answer, if i am able to.

Best regards

Update Plex Module on Any Thecus NAS

Great work, thanks


If you experience strange behaviours, a restart of your NAS might solve it. It did for myself.
Any other new strange behaviours might be the result from whatever the dudes from Plex changed. :slight_smile: