I am going to load my music library using windows 10 to play on my Sonos System.



Hello ,
I am new to plex and am going to attempt to upload my 7000 albums using a computer running windows 10 to play on my Sonos system. I will also load a version on my Apple TV to use in my living room to control off my TV. I am using WiFI only in the house no wires with an Asus 3100 router. Eventually I am going to move to a NAS system plugged into my router.
My questions is can anyone who has done this before make any suggestions on setting or ideas that made this task run as smoothly as possible. I was searching to see some sort of guideline for the initial sync for my music library as far as time frame for the initial loading which brought me to these forums and i see that people have had various issues. Whatever hardships I can avoid with others knowledge would be appreciated.


Shouldn't have any issues as long as your library is decently formated as Plex recommends and you've done basic due diligence tagging your audio files.

The added support from GraceNote will help a lot with meta data, but it's not a panacea. It doesn't seem to do any deep file analysis to identify songs, at least from what I can tell.

My best setup has been with this folders structure:

Music > Artist > Album (year) >
CD1> tracks,
CD2 > tracks

Separate CD folders are not necessary and Plex won't automatically combine them anyway if you haven't tagged them as Disc 1/2, 2/2 respectively. I just store them that way for my own preference.

I recommend installing MP3Tag (has music brains, Amazon, Disc Cogs, and FreeDB integration),
and Medieval CUE splitter (in case you have a bunch of large un-split FLAC cues. Last time I tried, Plex still could get individual tracks from a .cue

Also, remember Plex doesn't tag your physical files. It only does that logically within it's own database. It's better to properly tag your media first. If you don't have a lot of time to spend on this, considering the size of your library, I recommend Media Go from Sony. Its free, and it too uses GraceNote to tag your media, but it will do this automatically for you with pretty damn good accuracy in my experience. The nice part is that it physically alters you file's meta data permanently. So if you want the least amount of headaches, I highly recommend an initial pass with MediaGo to ensure a properly tagged library, only then would I add my music library to Plex.

Also, I personally despise the Sonos Controller and the below average performance/reliability of the Sonos Lab's Plex Beta is frustrating. If you're looking for the best Plex/Sonos marriage, I recommend either using Roon (and just ditch Plex), or get a Chromecast Audio for your Play:5 and cast from Plex to the CCA. But I live abroad in Saudi, and the beta performance could be entirely due to our shitty internet speed and the fact that the Sonos Plex service uses https://plex.tv as the provider and not your LAN...
Sonos will find your local media library if that's all you want, but then what's the point of having Plex and those sweet, sweet Plex Mixes? ;)

Happy Trails


Thank you very much for your time and input. I am off to the races.
Yes my father in law suggested Roon. So i looking at that as well.