I am unable to Fix Match on my incorrectly named items in Doctor Who



First off, yes I do know where the Fix Match option is located, I've been using Plex for a long time now and after this latest update it seems to have simply disappeared from my options

I am trying to fix a match for the specials season of my Doctor Who (1963) series, and I have the episode/filepath named accordingly

J:\Doctor Who\Doctor Who\Specials\Doctor Who - S00E24 - Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD (1966).avi

This is in following with how THIS special should be named according to TheTVDB (it's episode 24 of the specials season), however it is getting placed within a season that Plex is considering to be part of some series called PBS Specials. There is no metadata however, it is simply being placed within this incorrect series and I cannot fix it. I would prefer, as well, to not have to empty and reclassify everything within the Doctor Who folder because, whenever I do, a large number of episodes get misattributed to other shows and I have to rectify every single one manually

Also related, I have no season within my Doctor Who series labeled Specials. How can I fix this as well?

Plex version is


You cannot use Fix Match on single seasons or episodes. Only on the complete tv show.

After mismatches and subsequent renamings, try the Plex Dance