I cannot see my plex media server from my computer on my LG Media Player



Hi, i have recently shifted house and changed internet providers and obtained a new router. I was using Plex Media Server on my Windows computers and was able to push the movies/photos/files to my LG DP1W Portable Theatre Wi-Fi Multimedia Player which was connected to my TV.

However, I have now reconnected my LG DP1W Portable Theatre Wi-Fi Multimedia Player in my new home and it does not detect my Plex Media Server (PC) on the list to select.

Can someone please assist as im not sure what I need to do. My Plex Media Server says its updated, and when I go to my LG DP1W Portable Theatre Wi-Fi Multimedia Player under settings and add in the wifi details etc it give me option of Static or Dynamic, I clicked Dynamic and ran a test and the LG system says its connected to Wifi.

Would appreciate some help as im no to tech savy . Perhaps my windows is preventing my computer from being shared on the network or something but I don't know how to check or fix this.

Thank you


Have you tested other Plex clients?

When you change the router, Windows recognizes that it has now a different network.
And a new network is treated by default as a ‘public’ network, which means that all file sharing and other network functions are disabled.
Look in the network settings of your Windows to switch the network connection again into ‘private’ mode.

Afterwards, reboot Windows.