I cannot seem to add a folder as a library



I have tried several ways of "Browsing for a folder", i create the folder with i think the right path but there is nothing there although there are 4 MP4 movies in the folder
Plex is installed on a Qnap TS251+
The path i am using is /user/williamwoodhead/desktop/movies ?????
Can anyone assist please what am i doing wrong???


what are your movie files named? is each movie in it’s own folder?


Hi Big Wheel … no ill try that and come back to you i simply dropped 4 mp4 movies into a folder called movies


What should i have done created a folder for each movie called the name of the movie and file extension


no, they don’t have to be in individual folders for each movie… file naming and how the are organized are just the usual cause of these sorta issues.


if you are typing in the path manually the path would start with “/Users” with an “S” not just “user”


Can anyone help??? new kid on the block, i have an iMac how do i “browse for a folder” on my iMac for Movie files??? how do i set the path for the "add Library to work


Is the path correct for a Mac


I copied it from the “get info” about the folder


Hi Big wheel - i copy the path from the get info section, the folder is on my Desktop it contains 3 movies that are MP4, the folder is called Movies with nothing in else in it
when i browse i manually type or copy and paste into the section for the path /users/williewoodhead/desktop/movies it does nothing and then says no files???


you are browsing for the folder not the files.

can you grab the server logs ( settings>Sever>help)


and you should change your username to not be your email http://app.plex.tv/desktop?secure=0#!/settings/account


Big Wheel here you go


according to logs you only selected up to /Users/williamwoodhead/Desktop

May 16, 2018 16:46:49.665 [0x7f83c5609800] DEBUG - * Scanning /Users/williamwoodhead/Desktop


That was a attempt as i am pulling my hair out trying to get this to work
/Users/williamwoodhead/Desktop/Movies was the full path - Movies has the 3 MP movies inside???


Am i naming the folder incorrectly or the files incorrectly??


please after you have the full path properly there, do scan, then grab logs so i can see what i going on.


Ok i have just done this please attached


sorry i totally missed that you have this installed on a QNAP

just because you are accessing the server on your mac via the web interface the server is not installed on your mac and the server on your QNAP won’t see it. Your QNAP has no idea what is on your mac

If you want the qnap to see files on your mac you need to share your mac with your QNAP. but that sorta goes against the whole point of having a NAS. You should put the files on your QNAP


im a new kid on the block so very slow at learning, i now cannot see my Plex on my Qnap Arggghhhhhh … lost