I can't delete photos



Hi everyone, I have the latest PMS running in a Synology NAS.

I have allowed media deletion and I can delete tv shows and movies without any problem.
On the web app, I have the option to delete all kind of media (tv show, videos, movies and photos) without problem (all media have the same user:group and permission given.

However, I cant see the option with photos on android app. Its a bug? Or is there an hidden option?

In here, other plex member had the same issue: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/304390/unable-to-delete-photos-from-any-media-player-apps-with-allow-media-deletion-enabled

Thanks in advance.


Nobody can say something?


The same issue.
Any help?


Same problem here. The lack of ability to delete photos has me looking to other solutions to remotely manage my photo library. Wish Plex team would address this issue.