I can't enable Camera upload, getting an error



When trying to enable Camera Upload from my iOS device, I'm getting the following error:

"Camera Upload can't be enabled for the selected server. Try another one."

I am running version Plex Server version (The latest DVR beta), and Plex iOS version 4.6


i have the very same issue…


One of the recent iOS App releases and/or DVR Beta releases seems to have resolved the issue. Its working fine for me now.


Issue still exists here. iPhone 8 with iOS 11.2.2, say it’s up to date.

EDIT: I figured out what it was. This is my daughter’s phone, so it’s a user versus the primary account. What’s interesting, for my phone (Samsung 7) I don’t need to use the primary account, I can just use my user account. So is the issue with the iPhone implementation (can’t use non-account user) or with the Android (can use the non-account user)?