I can't see Chapter selections



Hi - just got my Samsung SMART TV (2016 KS7 series). Plex on it is awesome, but I was hoping to be able to do the equivalent of the 'swipe down' on the Apple TV version to be able to navigate by Chapter Titles.

Is this possible?

Many thanks.


I also have a 2016 Samsung Smart TV (8000 series I think) and would very much like to see chapter support. I have been adding chapter points to my home videos in MP4 and MKV formats but I can't use these chapters on the TV. The chapters are also not visible on my Android phone. I understand chapter support is available on IOS and have seen them working on my mums iPad. Please can we have chapter support implemented across the board as soon as possible? Plex seems to be the best solution for our home videos but the lack of chapter support is a huge problem.


Agreed - Plex is excellent, and it's highly desirable to use the Smart TV App rather than navigate to Apple TV's App. I don't know who to address this to - Plex, Samsung or a third party App developer.


@Orca is there a way to see the chapter selections with the new 2016 Samsung TV's?


@erik.beeson @mattseeley, anyone?


I am still not able to see Chapters for selection via Samsung TV's Plex App, although I notice that pressing Up or Down on the 'wheel' goes forward or back by one Chapter.


Had posted that this was now working, but it's not - apologies!