I don't have acces to server configuration




I have an issues. I have plex media server on a centos 7.
But when i'm loggin on my_ip:32400, i cannot confiugre my server. I'm on my library withtout server.

I tried this https://support.plex.tv/articles/204281528-why-am-i-locked-out-of-server-settings-and-how-do-i-get-in/
But on my Preferences.xml i don't have entries.

Can you help me ?


Connect to it via SSH-tunnel (ssh -L 8888: ip.addr.of.server), sign in, and let the shell sit there.
Open browser tab to Now you have the equiv of being local.

This works for servers on a Different Network or headless servers on your LAN.

You can find the documentation under 'Basic Installation' on the support site