i have really tried to like this



i was so excited when plex finally announced the sonos integration months ago. then i tried it and it had quite a lot of shortcomings:
- cloud/internet access required
- very very slow with lots of timeouts (despite a fast and stable internet connection)
- no alphabetical navigation
- no optimized browsing for long lists

then i thought they will improve it and if will become great.

yesterday i tried it again. and after all this months and all the suggestions and complaints of the users there is no change. the very simplest and basic integration of alphabetical navigation and optimizesd browsing of long lists is still not there, everything is still slow and there are timeouts.

the official plex sonos integration is still miles behind the proof of concept i have hacked together in a few hours and it looks like plex has lost interest in this all together.

as much as i like plex and as much as i use it... the sonos integration is a complete failure.


Just shy of abysmal. Not sure if the connection to Plex.tv is a requirement of Sonos services, or laziness on behalf of the Plex devs. Either way, I always assumed the shitty performance was because of my horrible Saudi internet only securing a connection to Plex.tv 50% of the time. Sad to know it won't be any better when we return back home with a real interwebz connection.

FYI, save yourself the headaches (Plex isn't listening anyways), and get a Chromecast Audio for your Play:5 and just cast from Plex.

Side note: Google Play Music for Android can control Sonos directly without a CCA ( my preferred method). If you keep GPM sync'd with the same music folder as Plex, you should be good to go.