I have to restart the app on my TV every time I turn on my TV for Alexa to find the player



Alexa can't find my TV as a player unless I restart the app. Even although the app works no problem on my TV and shows me as signed in. Any workaround for this? Kinda defeats the purpose of turning on tv and telling Alexa to watch a movie, I have to click around with my remote anyway to restart the app. Samsung tv btw if relevant.


what do you mean by restarting the app? You have to manually launch it when you turn on the tv then close it? Then re-start it?
Alexa can’t find my Samsung PLEX player app either.


Well when I turn on my TV the app is open already so I have to close it then reopen it so it forces it to reconnect to my plex server for Alexa to work.


I use my alexa to control my logitech harmony to turn everything on, change to the proper inputs on tv and AVR and launch whichever app… in this case plex.
This reconnects plex and alexa and now I can also control it with alexa.

So for instance I wake up and say “Alexa turn on Plex” tv turns on, avr turns to HDMI 1, Lights in my theater turn off for movie time. This also re-establishes the link with the alexa skill to plex which now makes it available for the commands IE: play this or that, pause, stop etc.

Lights also turn on to 2% when paused.
Lights come all the way up when stopped.