I upgraded to yesterday and now media wont play on any device?



I just used the download logs button to look around but was hoping for a shortcut since there are a lot of logs. I don't want to put something up that possibly shouldn't be shown publicly, please advise on specific logs or items I should be looking for.


In your Plex server settings, make sure debug logging is enabled, and verbose logging and Plex tokens are disabled. That will keep the logs fairly small with the right info to help figure out what's going on.

You can pull just the latest Plex server log file if you want. I recommend closing the Plex server app, waiting one minute, restarting the app, waiting two minutes, trying to play media on a client, waiting 30 seconds after it doesn't work, then downloading the logs.


I should have also stated that some items in my library show cover art and some don't, all items look like they are starting to play when clicked but never get past buffering and eventually timeout. I am also unable to sync content to my phone as well, it just sets at 0% while it says transcoding.


The server log files are can be downloaded from Settings - Server - Help - Download Logs.

It will give you a ZIP file which you can attach (or drag & drop) here.


Here are my logs, I follow the steps listed above by Kegobeer-plex prior to downloading.


Please go to Settings - Server - General and uncheck the "Verbose Logs" option then save it. Too much data is being lost because of log file 'rollover'. I'm seeing a significant amount of scanning activity (Library building)

After you make the change, with the server completely quiet (except for you),

  1. Recreate the error
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Download Logs again
  4. Attach here


Here's the new log file with Verbose turned off.


There is conflicting information in your logs.

Your lan is set to (em1).
The iOS device is apparently on a Wifi on a different subnet ? (WAN)

I have multiple questions but must follow in sequence.


Yes, lan is set at for the plex server.

I am connecting to the plex server over a vpn on a subnet.


VPN tunneling works perfectly, I cannot connect to the server locally except through ssh across the vpn. The server sits in a rack at a colo center.


When you connect, via the tunnel, Can you connect to it using?

SSH via command line will appear as:

  1. ssh -L 8888: ip.address.of.remote
  2. Open in your local browser`
  3. Check your subnet masking. Making the VPN work is making local clients report as WAN.

If this is correct, and you've got VPNs (which are a pain to do), while in at the ssh tunnel, I recommend you whitelist your home LAN subnet or specific hosts on your home LAN (as it appears to your server (settings - server - network)


All of that works, this is not a networking problem. Can you provide a link to the previous version stable version of plex? I always install updates through webmin, I don't have a stored copy of the previous version to try out.


They don't make older versions available to us otherwise I would. I always advise folks to keep a copy.

When you say you downloaded through the webadmin, please clarify. PMS can't directly update itself on Linux (root permission is required)


Just for the fun of it, I tried to create an optimized version of a video in my library and plex returned with an error message.


I use webmin to manage this server.


Oh, that's something unique to your VPS? Which distribution is it running?


Ubuntu Linux 14.04.1

Dedicated server just for plex. It was up and 100% solid prior to the update I installed yesterday.


I have 16.04.1 in the VM and can't replicate it.

Also, remember, broadcast packets don't cross subnet boundaries. What's your subnet masking? Your log IS declaring the (WAN) distinction meaning it's not "LOCAL" according to adapter IP and Netmask.