i wont add more frind to my plex



i cant add mora than100 thats very littel i wont to open it to Unlimited


100 is the maximum number of friends that is possible in Plex.


how come 100


@max.sahid said:
how come 100

It's a nice round number and more than enough for almost everybody.

Although it is not much of my concern I do wonder why anyone would need to share their media library with such a huge number of people.

Heck I do not even know 100 people that I like well enough to even consider sharing my library with.

Also even 50 non-transcoding streams would well over tax almost any residential internet not to mention the server itself.


It was deliberately defined that way.
Plex is for sharing your media with family and friends.
It is not very likely that a number above of 100 is in accordance to the "fair use" principle.

Besides, technically Plex doesn't handle such a large number of users very well.

Plex is not for creating a network of sharing media with hundreds of people whom you don't know. That was not intended when it was created and such a use is against its terms and conditions.