Ideas .. Haystack TV and further



I love the idea of personalised News.
For the last 6 months I was/am using a similar service Haystack TV and I do believe there is a loads of features based on them here.

Atta boys.

Now what is lacking this service now ( and also ):

  • to resolve some crashing bugs
  • to speed up loading videos ( pre-loading next on the play-list? )
  • to set your own hashtags to see as first if they are listed on any video in the stack ( at the moment you can only mark those provided alongside video )
  • to list all of hashtags ever published so you can mark them later in one go, ever selected, all muted
  • list of videos liked
  • adding news videos to watch later list
  • to add more sources of course ( late night shows like in the - my best channel, youtube channels? )
  • to allow sharing videos to social media tw, fb ...

first day and it's already very good service .. well done



I love haystack, one more bullet point to add
* don't show me the same video(s) I've already watched

I use haystack multiple times a day and it's simple, one click and the app will launch and I'll get new news stories because they hide the stuff I've already seen. With Plex its much more a manual process, and for that reason I've had to go back to Haystack.

But I'm rooting for you guys.


IMO, Haystack is better than Plex News (more sources, more configurable, some curation -editor's picks- and is ad-free).


Agree that Plex News could look at Haystack for comparison.
I see as well that Haystack has higher quality video clips (since it’s embedded YouTube videos), starts up faster, less ads (they do have ads now, though easy to skip).
I tried Plex News (big fan and user of Plex), but Haystack on my Android TV (Nvidia Shield based) is much simpler and more useful.


Haystack is definitely the application that Plex News needs to beat. But it is totally beatable and I trust that the Plex team will beat them.

Things to learn from Haystack:

  • Haystack still beats Plex in the quality of news “content”. But since all the news are from internet sources, this is easy to duplicate and beat.
  • Haystack has good filters/categories that allow us to watch news on topics that interest us. Again, easy to duplicate, improve and beat.
  • Haystack has a very useful bar at the bottom, showing the sequence of news coming up, and allowing us to scroll and pick from those the articles we really want to see (not all in the categories we choose are interesting). This might take a bit of effort to duplicate, but can certainly be done.
  • Haystack does a good job of not showing an already viewed article again. This should be duplicated. I would even go one step further and allow us to flag articles we haven’t seen as “not interested in this one” to remove them from future viewing.
  • Haystack does not have advertising. I understand that content might not be free, but please keep in mind that it is annoying to get advertising on a product we paid for. Perhaps Plex can find other options to pay for news content?

Things Plex News already does better:

  • Haystack has become very unreliable, especially on older iOS hardware. Hangs all the time, you can’t move forward to the next article reliably, etc. Plex News (for me) is already much more reliable. Keep supporting old iOS and Android versions well and you’ll eat Haystack alive… not everybody wants to change phone/tablet every year or two.
  • Haystack went to a stupid “social media” login approach and have failed for months to provide their own login mechanism. Many of us won’t use social media for security reasons.
  • Haystack has become extremely unresponsive to customer complaints about problems. I reported several bugs/issues months ago and they haven’t fixed a single one. Plex is much better in this regard.
  • Haystack can often be intrusive. I had to remove the iOS Notifications permission for Haystack because it kept annoying me with alerts about news I had zero interest in (something that Netflix does too). Please DO NOT copy the bad trend of using Notifications to push stuff onto customers that they might not be interested in.