In Task Manager "PlexTranscoder" CPU usage is very high 60%+ but I'm not streaming anything?



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Typically this happens if you are Generating Video Preview Thumbnails or Chapter Thumbnails:

If you use the thumbnails - those images you see on some clients when you fast forward or rewind - they are quite handy. I love 'em. If you don’t use them you can disable the generation of them, or set up the server to only generate them during scheduled maintenance - when you’re sleeping or something.

Other things that can cause CPU activity are: Standard Scheduled Maintenance like Deep Analysis, Library Updates, Cleaning of Bundles, Database Optimization (all quite important - and should be done regularly), or possibly even syncing media to devices and/or Optimizing Media.

Sometimes if you have this activity in progress you can find out what it is by viewing ‘Status’, and sometimes it’s a complete mystery. Check your Maintenance Tasks (all of those should really be checked) and the times Maintenance is done. A few hours each day is usually all that’s necessary. Also adjust the generation of thumbs to happen when you add media or during Maintenance.




Hi folks,

Looks like thumbnails either; video preview thumbnails or chapter thumbnails are being processed on my Plex server, but with so many movies, it’s taking a long time, or at least I hope its generating thumbnails.

  1. Is there anyway to view the status of thumbnail generation to follow along with its progress?

  2. If there is not a way to view the status, can I ask that this feature be considered for a future release? I will search and post this request in the appropriate forum.


Search in the Plex data folder for files with the extension .bif
(in Windows, just type *.bif into the search field of the file explorer)
Count them and compare this number to the number of video files you have.

Preview generation is usually happening in the Server Maintenance period. So make sure you don’t switch the device off during that time frame (or define a different time).
Newest files are processed first.


Hi OttoKerner,

Couple newbie questions:

  1. I’m on OS X, I’m in the Library / Application Support / Plex Media Server folder and did a search for bif in the Finder but only came up with 5 files, and I have 100s of movies, so my next question, assuming I’m searching correctly is:

  2. What else could the Plex Server be doing that the Plex Media Server is a 400% utilization for a couple days now on a Early MacPro 2008. Thanks.