Incomplete Playlists



When I import my iTunes library all of my music (tracks, albums, etc) appears but less than half of the playlists show up... Any fixes?


could it be those are smart playlists in iTunes?


No, All of my playlists are standard playlists


What rules are in the original playlist? You can define a lot more rules in iTunes than in PMS. If PMS can’t recreate the rule, the results won’t be the same.


I won’t lie to you… I’m not entirely sure what a rule is.


When you create a playlist in iTunes there are 2 types. A regular playlist, where you manually pick songs and add them to the list, or a smart playlist. For these, you pick some criteria, like an artist name, a genre, from the year 2015, etc, and then a playlist is created that matches these criteria. You can do the same thing in Plex. However, Plex does not allow for the same types of rules/criteria that iTunes allows, so if you try to import a playlist from iTunes that cannot be recreated in Plex, these lists come up blank.

No, All of my playlists are standard playlists

Not sure what a “standard” playlist is, but if they are created using a criteria, then they are a smart playlist and the above situation can apply.

Edit - Also, in order to fill in the playlist, the path to the songs in iTunes needs to match the path to the songs in Plex Media Server. For example, if in iTunes a song is located at “\mnt\my music\Michael Jackson\Thriller\Thriller.mp4”, then it needs to be the exact same path in Plex.