Incorrect Match, wrong movie chosen by plex movie scanner, ways to report/improve matching?



Is there a way to submitt corrections/improvements for the matching part of Plex Movie Agent?
Movie The Wall (2017) always gets idenfied as "The Great Wall" (2016) Eventhough the filename is The Wall (2017).ext... Why the name and year missmatch?
Red Mist (2008).ext always gets indentified as Redbelt (2008) whereas Red Mist (2008) is the second on the list, there is no "mist" in "redbelt" so what gives?


Both movies come up in a search on TVDB and IMDB; so I'm not sure why it wouldn't match unless you've got some weird metadata in the files.
Someone with a better clue will probably be along. . . but till then, I'd check the metadata on the files to see if they have some bad info in them.


Are you using mp4/m4v files?

If you started with incorrectly named files, the initial mismatch gets 'stuck' in the Plex database. You need to perform the Plex Dance to get rid of that.


Thank you guys for feedback, I will try the dance ASAP.
btw I use mkwtoolnix, so I end up with .mkv and I'm fine with that standard on all my files.