Incorrect matching problem



Hello all.


My PMS is always incorrectly matching the show Hindsight (2015). When adding a new show to my monitored folder, PMS always thinks the show is Hindsight (2011). The files (and containing folder) are named as: Hindsight.2015.S01E01, etc., yet PMS always thinks this is the 2011 version and so PMS downloads the wrong metadata for the program. Then I have to go and fix it.


Big problem? No. Annoying? Yes.


So is there any fix this?


try adding the Parenths to the 2015

 Hindsight (2015).S01E01


^^ That... and you only have to do (2015) for the main show folder. Hindsight will be fine after that - I think.

When in doubt - go to the source: