Incorrect unwatched count on show



I’ve noticed when I keep a Plex tab open the show unwatched count doesn’t seem to update where as the season count does.
Refreshing the page does fix the issue.

Notice the “24” in the screenshot.


Hello, thank’s for the report!

Can you describe in more detail how to reproduce this? You mention “keep a plex tab open for a while”

are you watching in this tab? Watching in another tab?

Any more detail you can provide about how to produce this issue would be welcome, the best being a list of steps to produce this issue.


I keep a tab pinned and refresh the tab once a week or once every two weeks when I update Chrome.

From what I can tell if I binge watch on either that tab or another but with that tab still running in the background it won’t get the updates for the badges for shows or at least it doesn’t update.

The other thing I noticed is within the same week+ old tab I get glitches like below where the episode or movie will be watched yet remains on “on deck” for upto a few minutes before it updates the DOM and removes it.

I do think this may by an edgecase where the tab isn’t getting updates over websocket since Chrome puts the tab into a non active state. I’ve had this happen on other sites I work on with native ws.


Another thing this only seems to happen on pinned tabs. I’ve never had this on a non pinned even if it’s on a window that’s been left long enough to be marked as non-active by Chrome.


Having same ish problem.
Totally wrong counts. One show that is 7 episodes into its first season comes up 76 unwatched on newly added.
Goto show. All watched. Mark unwatched.
Goto recent. 76 unwatched.
Goto show. mark watched.
Goto recent. 76 unwatched.

Platform independent.
Maybe it’s just my install. It’s being screwy lately, sometime it streams no problem. Other time I have to switch transcoder bitrate. Upload has 15Mbit cap mostly and has to TC streams at 3Mbit original.

Ubuntu. Lots of CPU to spare.
Happy to provide logs


This was supposed to have been corrected in the latest version. As of last night (after upgrading my server and all clients) it’s still happening. Unwatched counts are jacked up on Android, Shieldtv and my LG tv Plex app. Massively frustrating.


I had this problem too. I just rescanned all libraries then ran optimise database… so far, it seems to have resolved the problem.

EDIT. Nope, after just 5 minutes my library unwatched count was all wrong on my Shield TV.


If you’re experiencing incorrect unwatched counts on multiple clients that is going to be a PMS issue. Would you guys mind sharing your PMS logs and any possible info in the PMS forums?


I am having the same issue on the Nvidia Shield. Bunch of shows showing 68 unwatched episodes. What is needed to fix this? What is a PMS log and where do I get it?


I have a similar issue across all of my devices… Also, what is a pms log?