Installed PMP 2 (Win10), all video displays at 480x270



I installed PMP 2 on my win 10 box and now all video whether 720p or 1080p sources displays at a crappy 480x270. I have streaming set to allow direct play and quality set to Original. Before the upgrade, these all played correctly. I uninstalled PMP2 and reinstalled 1.3.5, but I still have the same display issues. Has anyone else seen this issue? All my other clients still seem to display things correctly, so I don't think it's anything to do with the server, but only the client.


OK, I figured it out. The company recently quick using Norton Security and Firewall and switched to Windows Firewall and Defender and the laptop. The change to Defender & Windows Firewall happened about the same time as my trying PMP2. The result had PMP seeing my server as a Remote server and my remote access was limited to 720K upload (I have DSL…).

I had to allow the application through the firewall and also manually configure the IP & Port of the local Plex Server. Now it seems to be back to normal and everything plays as expected.


Thanks for that! I seem to have fixed my issues using this technique :slight_smile: