Intel Nuc with embedded Kodi and Plex addon. Trouble playing 4k (not local)



I am having some issues with my HTPC which is a Intel i5 NUC. It has Kodi embedded with Libreelec and Plex add on. I have my home synology server with a couple of 4k movies. Those movies play fine. The issue i am having is when i connect to another server that has 4k and outside my network. I have 300mb download speeds and shouldn't have an issue with streaming but when I play those movies get jerky video and it doesn't syn with the audio.

I am newbie to all this so whatever help you can give me would be great.


just because you have a good download speed doesn’t mean the person you are streaming from has a good upload speed.

i dunno what sort of bitrate the file is compared to their upload. also if it is transcoding their server may not be powerful enough to keep up. HEVC can take a lot of processing to transcode


@BigWheel thanks that makes sense. I believe that they have 1GB up and down. Are there any ways for me to test the nuc to make sure it can handle the 60FPS/UHD?


i don’t have much experience with 4K files but is your Nuc getting a gigabit connection from your router?

This could be a potential cause…


I will check but i believe it is.


On the remote PMS system what do they have under Settings>Server>Remote Access>Limit Remote Stream Bitrate? If it is set to anything other than “Original” it will be forcing a transcode to a remote client regardless of the clients capabilities.