Intermittent Problems streaming episode via AppleTV Gen 3 (Although it works via other devices)



Hi There
Some explanation of my setup.
Originally ran on a Netgear ReadyNAS 102,
Now on XPenology on I5 7400 + 16GB RAM
PLEX install on Netgear was a download from PLEX,
PLEX install on XPenology at the moment, standard Package install from Synology site.
(So very little similarity there)
How I get my media, download via torrent, convert all to MP4 using iSkysoft Video Converter, then upload to NAS.
(coded to started MP4 settings for output: H.264).

Problem: I have regular occurrences where I stay play a TV series episode for it to just show me the first frame of the episode and then nothing more, with the timer stuck at 0:00, I can forward to any point, screen stays the same.
I'll normally then go onto my Samsung TV and point it directly to the PLEX service, which will then play the stream.
Oops... ye I run the PLEX app on a ApplyTV, connected via 100Mbit cable to NAS and HDMI to TV.
TV is also 100Mbit connect to NAS.



Depends on the encoding of the video and audio in the file, AppleTV 3 doesn’t support AC3 sound and only supports mp4 .264 also known as m4p and its how video is encoded within the Apple container Mov.

If you try to play anything that has AC3 sound, with video not encoded in mp4, with srt subtitles, or play it at a different resolution than the one it is encoded; you are forcing Plex to re-encode the stream on the fly and most NASes don’t have enough processing power to do it (especially for anything beyond 720p and even 720p can give you problems).

If you are using a powerful processor and pre re-encoding, the problem could be that you forgot about re-encoding the audio tracks. I suggest you start by updating the Plex version of your XPEnology with the latest package available from Plex.


Guys, I’m using the EXACT same software, same settings to change / transcode whatever I got to a standard mp4 format.
99% of the time all works, and then I have intermittent files that just refuse to work, on AppleTV+SamsungTV, although same file/program will happily work on the iPAd’s and also on the web interface of PLEX onto a laptop.

if transcoding and file formats was to be the problem then I would have expected the iPad’s to give problems as they would require transcoding where as the AppleTV+SamsungTV would have expected less problems as less transcoding would be required, the formats they can play is closer to whats available as source.

Is there not a way we can log what happens on the PLEX side when I try and play one of these problem files and have someone look at it, see where the problem is coming from.

As for NAS… and horsepower, this WAS a low end NetGear ReadyNAS, so ye I thought CPU was the problem, I’ve now replaced this with a 16GB, Intel i5 7400 Beast. CPU power is not the problem.

PLEX has been updated to the newest, 64bit version.



This type of problem exists in old PlexConnect versions. Pls install PlexConnect 0.6 and follow Q3 in PlexConnect FAQ.