iOS App slow\sluggish on own network, great everywhere else



Iphone 6S
When on my local network, the Plex app is painfully slow\unusable. Every other device on the network works fine. I have 4 rokus and a Chromecast (this lags because the app is lagging). Please check this video out, it shows exactly what I'm getting at.

My router is a Netgear Nighthawk. I feel it's probably NOT the router. Server is connecting just fine to the outside world.

I'd love some feedback\assistance as the app inside the house has become useless and I use it to control my Rokus pretty regularly.


Did you ever find a solution? I have the same issue, not only with Plex, but also with Chromecast, Spotify connect. Local playback on a Macbook works without issues however.


Finally completely reset my wireless router to factory settings and set it up again. It now works without issues.