IOS Camera upload issues




I managed to get my wife's user setup so she can login to our home group server and share media.

The camera upload feature is not working correctly:

  • I was able to go through the setup wizard (though could not select an album to user)
  • Thereafter the camera upload screen locks up - the on/off button at top right is does not toggle
  • If I scroll the page down and switch between apps, sometimes the button enables and I can switch on. I then press the upload now button ** It then says saying 'loading information' for awhile and then it stops, saying it's ready to upload again.

I can't see any relevant errors in the server logs. I

Player is Iphone 6 running IOS 11.1.2.
Plex server is ubuntu




I am having the same issue. I wait quite awhile to get the “Upload” button to highlight, I hit the button, and then it just spins.


This sounds similar to what I’ve been experiencing. Has been working fine for ages then noticed the last uploaded pic was 12th Dec then I got a plex iOS update on the 13th and it hasn’t worked since on multiple iOS devices. I had hoped the update a couple days ago would have jumped started it again but it still doesn’t work. Nothing mentioned in the plex media server log. I’m running a windows server latest beta build but have also tried the public build. Don’t know what else to try. Very frustrating as lots of Xmas pics to backup