iOS Chrome Web Browser App fails to load [3.17.2]




  • iPad Mini 3, iOS 11 Beta 3
  • Latest Chrome Web App (Aug 17 / 60.0.3112.72)
  • PMS 1.8.0
  • Restarted app & iPad

Chrome fails to load Plex Web / gets to the grey background with navigation icons on the top bar appearing (not working) but that’s all. Anyone else got it to work or is it a bug ? It used to fine before the latest update.

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I've got the same problem on my iPad Pro 10.5. It works fine on Safari, but I don't really use Safari, so it's a minor inconvenience until they find a solution.

Chrome Web App 3.17.3
iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 10.3.3


Click the vertical ... and request desktop site


Clicked the vertical ... and requested desktop site, that gets me so far, but scrolling around is very hit and miss (also on Safari iOS).


Maybe the same issue: