iOS -> Chromecast Issues



I have the latest non-paid/non-unlocked version of the Plex iOS app. I'm having trouble streaming from my iOS app (connected to my Synology NAS) to my Chromecast. Chromecast otherwise works on other apps. I can stream the video directly to my phone with no issues. It is only when I try to stream to the Chromecast that I have issues. The issue is that there is a spinner and it just keeps spinning and nothing shows up on my Chromecast to show that it is connected.

Any ideas as to what's going on / how to fix?


Unfortunately, I didn’t see the “verbose” logging request until after. I’m not sure how to clear my logs and reproduce the issue, so here are my logs anyways.


This might be related to this issue with transcoding on chromecast. Try initiating the casting from the web ui instead an see if that works.


I tried this from the web app, but when I click on the casting icon, I get “No Players Found”.