IOS folder view



I am using the latest version of the Plex IOS app and when I view my photos, all of the subfolders are displayed along with the top level folders. Before I was able to navigate down through the folders as I have them arranged by year>month>day. Now everything is listed in the top level folder which makes it impossible to search.


I have the same issue. Rather annoying. And it seens to be only on the iOS app. Works fine on the web app


I have same annoying issue, it was available before now we dont have more this very useful feature . Please return, I think most users organize their content by folders.


Plex, please comment. I fully agree. The folder view in IOS a need for our family use. Please comment if this feature will get reintroduced


I Agree! Worthless!


I agree. This has made using the photos on the phone useless. Is this planned to be fixed? Has there been any response from Plex?


У меня такая же проблема, в приложении на iPad папки с фото теперь отображаются все подряд. Папки которые должны быть внутри папок с годами теперь отображаются все вместе. Верните пожалуйста как было.


The same here. The Plex app on iOS devices is useless without the possibility of browsing fotos by folder.
When will this feature finally come back!


The same here. Please come back or I will need another app for browsing photos on iOS… I just received a newsletter stating “We’re starting off 2018 with all of the improvements and fixes that make Plex more awesome. iOS and Apple TV were updated […] along with quite a few Photo upgrades […]” If this is the upgrades please give me the old version!


Same here! I can’t seem to select Folder view for my photos as I can with all other types of media.


When will this defect be resolved?


Try this.


I have no access to the link :frowning:


Ok, do not know why. Search for a discussion called “Photos Folder view”