iOS is download something from iCloud during the camera upload process




as many times reported by several users and discussed in the thread "Camera Upload on iOS constantly shutting off" the plex iOS app is downloading during the video upload process to the plex server something from the iCloud - it looks like buffering - before the actually upload.

The iCloud is totally disabled on my phone and no pictures or videos are stored in iCloud.
As I said, it seems that several users have this problem and in the mentioned thread, some screenshots are available.

What is plex downloading from the iCloud and why?




no comment on this ussue?



Getting the same thing when uploading Videos. I do not use Icloud and everything is turned off. Here are my Logs.

Please let me know if you need anything else.


It seems that nobody is interested in solving this issue... :(


Nope.... not at all!


same Problem, no iCloud active on iphone, but camera used icloud. Files on Plex Server (Synolgy 216play) and the Upload begins new ALL jpg uploading when i move the jpg to other Folders.


Any update? The function was working great but is now worthless. Perhaps someone can at least say they are looking into.


Unfortunately it does not seems this way.
It´s hard to trust the software if something is going on in the backgroud which you do not know...



This is the same issue that I just posted about earlier

@drehzahl said:
same Problem, no iCloud active on iphone, but camera used icloud. Files on Plex Server (Synolgy 216play) and the Upload begins new ALL jpg uploading when i move the jpg to other Folders.



This needs to get some traction. It's been an open item for nearly 2 months now with no response. If you are not the right resource to address this please refer it to someone that can help.


I'm having the same issue. iCloud is turned off. What the hell is it downloading? I know it's downloading something because my phone is full and give an almost full message every time Plex iOS says it's downloading from iCloud.

Not only that, but every thing that has actually uploaded has been corrupted. This feature worked once; now it's broken.

I'm actually a little surprised that there had not been any response. Every single person posting in this thread has purchased a Shiny New Plex Pass; including me. I've been paying this company every month for over a year now. I really expect a little more than this. If you all would maybe not spend all your time trying to make the software bigger, better, newer, different, you'd have time to fix the last thing y'all fucked up.

You know, I get security updates, useful new features and all that, but if you keep changing and adding to a piece of software, it's like never emptying your refrigerator. ROTTEN! So, when things randomly break and go wrong, frustrating the user, it makes the software absolutely useless because it doesn't give you piece of mind. It messes with your mind and forces you to be your own tech support.

That's not piece of mind, that's me doing your work for you.


Sorry for the late reply, I was just made aware of this post. We are looking into that message. The idea is that iOS allows you to view your iCloud photos from your camera roll. PMS will see these photos and also upload them to your server. In some cases only a thumbnail from iCloud exists, so the full image needs to be downloaded first from iCloud then sent to your server.

However, if you don't use iCloud or have it turned off, I'm not sure why you are seeing that message. Can you double check if you have any photos in your camera roll that were from iCloud previously? The app might still be seeing these images and trying to obtain the full size image. I'm checking with the devs what the expected behavior is when you don't use iCloud.


Same here if you need any additional information on tracking down this issue as it seems to make uploading to a local server very slow.


For reference it seems to only appear for me when its processing movies, I may be wrong


It gives me the same message for movies. However, iCloud is fully disabled. I just checked my storage on iCloud, and there is nothing on there (49Kb used), so not sure what Plex thinks it’s downloading (the counter goes from 0 to 100% in a second or 2-3 on a 30Mbit connection …


Same problem here. But camera upload is also frezzing and i am being forced to delete the app and download it again in order to upload the damn photos to my plex server. Very frustrating.


Same issue. My iCloud was completely disabled for photo sharing. Yet it says downloading from iCloud when it hits videos. I did get a message from Apple saying my iCloud storage is more than half full today since I started the camera library on Plex. Also yesterday I saw I had uploaded to Plex something like 700 photos and today I checked the app and it started from zero again. Not sure if it’s upoading some data to iCloud inadvertently for some reason: double checked that iCloud shows disabled in my iOS settings.


Same issue here, and to the best of my knowledge I’ve never had iCloud uploads active on any of my devices.

“Downloading data from iCloud” can take several minutes for a single movie on my old iPad 2 (this isn’t the main tablet anymore but I was making sure some old stuff was backed up). Despite this, the router says nothing is being transferred over WiFi or on the WAN port during this time. I could have misconfigured something, but the WiFi monitor clearly shows WiFi activity as soon as Plex starts uploading the movie to the Plex server.


Same here; iCloud deactivated.

I’m considerably irritated that report about this issue have been around for more than ten months now with the only reaction being Movie.Fan’s promise to look into it and check with the devs are than five months ago. Is it really possible they’re letting us down in such a ridiculously disrespectful manner?


Damn- what a shame. Found this thread and thought I’d find an answer for this problem, only to find it’s been open for a year now and only one response from Plex? Pretty poor form, eh folks??

Same issue here - every .MOV sync from iOS to Plex is accompanied by a minute or two’s “downloading data from icloud”, which I don’t use/haven’t turned on. The amount of time taken for it to do this is in proportion to the length of the movie. What’s it downloading? Why is it downloading anything when the file is on my phone and the phone (wifi) is on the same network as my plex server. Please advise fix, Plex folks!