iOS / Plex Issue - Music Hangs / Stops Playing



Having serious issue with Plex app on iOS and the music functionality. Have around a 5000 song library all in iTunes folder structure. Plex pointed to that parent "Music" folder in iTunes.

Plex imports all my songs correctly and well-tagged but recently been experiencing serious issues where mid-way through songs, the audio will go quiet as if the music stopped loading or buffering, but the song still shows as playing. All music is 320CBR/mp3 so it all direct plays.

If I try pause/unpause, skip to a new song, close out of song and replay that song or another song, nothing works. The only way to fix the issue is permanently close out of the iOS app, and reopen it then it all works.

There's nothing wrong with the MP3s, but it happens very frequently to the point that I don't want to use Plex anymore for music.

Any idea what could be the issue? My server is a windows machine with 100mbit connection, streams all videos just fine.


Same issue here, but no idea how to solve it, I tried several things, nothing works…