iOS share extension as a PlexIt bookmarklet replacement



Has there been any consideration put into replacing the PlexIt bookmarklet with an iOS share extension and actively trying to improve the way it parses websites for videos.

PlexIt isn't something I use regularly (part of this is due to its unreliability) and because of that irregular use the majority of the times I need it to work I've been logged out of Plex. I also realized today when I needed it that the content blocker I use was interfering with it. These are obviously problems I can work around on my own, but they are nonetheless problems I'd never encounter if Plex was on the iOS share sheet. It also might allow other uses for PlexIt, like if someone sent me a video on Dropbox in an email, I could send the link from my email app of choice. Plus, it's also a much more user friendly (and discoverable) way to share on iOS.

Somewhat related, is there a place to report websites the bookmarklet doesn't work with? is the newest site, of many, I've encountered that won't work with the bookmarklet.

PlexIt is such a neat little addition to Plex that could be so much better.


Wow, no response?

Kind of ridiculous that there're no proper Plex extensions for Safari or iOS.


Would be nice if someone from Plex commented one way or the other? Is PlexIt going to remain as is, or is it going to be improved? An iOS extension and a method to report non-working sites would be a good start.