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Why no IOS Support?


Does Apple even VR?


I think Google Cardboard works on IOS


I’m not sure who the fact Google Cardboard works in iOS is an accepted answer. The answer is, simply there is no iOS application yet. I certainly hope they are working on. I am fairly certain the reason they started on Android first, is Android has slightly better VR than apple, provided you have a high end phone. In that Googlecard board was developed for Google, and so Google has always managed to stay a couple of steps ahead. For example, good luck if you want to “tap” the screen in an VR application for an iPhone. Most headsets don’t bother with buttons, and those that do usually are not sized right for an iPhone. The bluetooth remotes for VR work very poorly for android, and not all for an iPhone. So for the most part I can get about 50% of the VR applications in the apple store to work, the other 50% I’m stuck where they want me to tap the screen, and I’m too stubborn to take my phone out of the headset to do so.

So if you want to make VR that is widely support, you have to get creative on how the interface works… By making the app just for one particular headset, and just for android, the developers where able to skip past that part of the design.


Here is a link that will help:

So the answer is yes there could be Plex VR for iPhone, but the experience would be limited.


We are actively looking into supporting other popular VR platforms in the future, but I’d say at the moment iOS would be pretty low on that list (as someone mentioned above, “VR on iOS” is not really a thing, with Apple much more invested in AR). You never know what the future might have in store though, so don’t take this as “never gonna happen”.


it works on iphone actually… just not with the plex app itself. if you use the mobile VR station app and go to UPNP and choose plex media server. Unfortunately that only works if you are connected to your plex server computer via wifi. Wont work over the web (as far as I can tell). So it’s definitley possible. hopefully you’ll update the iphone app to support it as well.


just to clarify: VR works very well on an iphone with the Mobile VR station app. That app works with google cardboard or any VR headset that a smartphone will fit into. It can do proper head tracking of 180 and 360 VR in multiple formats (left/right, top/bottom, flat 3d etc). When connected to wifi, go to “Browse content files…” then click on UPNP and then plex media server. But this only works with plex over wifi when the computer with the plex server is on that same wifi connection… So I would still hope Plex would add the same sort of features that Mobile VR station has, if only so you can access your server’s videos over cellular data internet.