iOS sync progress issues




I'm having issues with syncing the progress of downloaded content back to plex media server. I'm running the most recent versions of Plex media server and the iOS apps.

Here's my scenario. I have several TV series set to sync unwatched content to my phone or ipad. That part works as expected. So I go to the gym, watch say 30 minutes of an episode offline. I get home and launch the plex app and it almost never syncs my progress back to the plex media server.

This happens on both my ipad and iphone.

Anyone having similiar issues?


Mobile sync is totally broken and has been for a long time. I feel sorry for people that pay for a PlexPass for this feature.


Well that isn't good to hear :smile:

I've also noticed some really odd behavior with regards to downloading and the plex app deleting watched content. Sad to hear, I will likely cancel my subscription because of the sync issues. It's a major pain in the butt.


Yeah, it does not delete watched items also when watched offline. Again a bug that has been reported and ignored for well over a year.


But hey!! You can watch news! (running joke around here)


this is horrible, I consider this a major feature of the product and for it not to be working is not acceptable.