Ipad app won't activate after purchasing on Iphone



Both Iphone and Ipad have the same AppleID. I downloaded Plex on my Iphone, opened and paid the $4.99 for activation. I then downloaded the app on my Ipad, opened and selected the Restore Purchase option. It searched and said no purchases found for this AppleID. It's been about 2 weeks and I've done many uninstalls/reinstall/reboots/etc. but nothing is working to remove the time limitation. Does anyone else have any ideas or is there something I'm missing? The Android version works flawlessly no matter how many devices I use it on.


same AppleID is important… do you also use the same Plex ID on both?


Yep same AppleID and same Plex login.


Please provide the app logs from both devices so we can check that they are using the same account.


Here are the 2 debug app logs from each after reproducing the restore purchase from each.


Anybody else on this? I’ve triple verified my itunes account is signed in on both. Purchases shows Plex activation for ios devices. Deleted and reinstalled plex multiple times and restore purchases continues to give the “no previous purchase could be found…” error. I’m not sure where Plex is checking and not finding the purchase on the Apple ID.


Sorry about that. Looking at your log, it does show that it can’t find the purchase. Is that device jail-broken?


Same problem here. My devices aren’t jail-broken. Logs attached.


@“jacobchalkley+spam@gmail.com” said:
Same problem here. My devices aren’t jail-broken. Logs attached.

You seem to have a different issue.

IAP: Failed to restore transactions with error: Error Domain=SKErrorDomain Code=2 “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Cannot connect to iTunes Store}

I’m not sure what that error means, but seeing the word domain typically points to DNS issues.


It seems this is actually coming from Apple saying that. Its not an issue localized to Plex only. Did you try logging out of your Apple account and logging back in? It seems that fixed it other users.