iPhone Camera Upload Locked and Not Uploading



I am the plex pass holder and have set up a home user account for my wife. My Plex server is currently running on Windows 10. I set up my phone with the camera upload feature when it is charging and it seems to be doing fine. I set up my wife's phone also with camera upload, however her's just says waiting and that it will upload automatically. I have an android and she has iPhone (which I noticed that some of the fine tuning settings that I had available with my android are not available with her iPhone. I'm not sure if that's because it's an iPhone or if it's because she's a home user.) Also, it appears that the toggle switch to turn Camera Upload off on her iPhone is slightly grayed out and I am unable to make to toggle the switch or make any other changes to the camera upload settings on her phone. I've checked upload permissions for her account and she has the permissions. There is also adequate space on the drive.
Has anyone else run across this before? I've searched through a lot of different forum posts, but haven't found anything yet that seems to really address this issue that I'm having, though of course I may have missed something. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.