Is anything happening with this beta?



Simple question- has this been ditched?

It doesn't work and there has been no comment from Plex.

So what's happening?



It's out of beta and live. Was announced quite some time ago.


Well, it doesn't work very well at all, its poorly supported, is still indicated as Beta ion these forums. I understand that Sonos themselves cant do any more with it, but there doesn't appear to be any support from Plex.

Lots of people on the Sonos forum saying that it is unreliable- so my original questions whether in Beta or live still remain- this looks like something that will sort a long standing issue for Sonos users, but if certain routers cant be configured to work with Plex, or the guidance from Plex continues to be written on gobbledegook then it remains an inadequate solution.



it still shows as a beta on the Sonos App too and I don't see anywhere on the Plex site that it's out of beta.

Appreciate Plex are working on a great many apps for many different platforms but this one seems to have been left behind somewhat.

A simple update from the dev team would at least set some expectation for us on when it might reach v1.0 so we can decide to stick with it our go to Subsonic or another App.


Another Plex and Sonos user (Been using both excellent products for the past 3 or so years) here. Would love an update of sorts. Would really love to see a features roadmap and some gross time estimations!


As is common with so many companies these days, Plex don't publish roadmaps or timescales. They and others have learned that if you publish either, far too many people become hostile when reality diverges even slightly from the plans.


@boblinthewild said:
It's out of beta and live. Was announced quite some time ago.

Uh... really? Where? Love to see a link to that announcement. Love to see a single scrap of feedback from Plex about this, too, given that we've all been hanging out in this Beta forum for months posting about bugs, and nobody's ever responded to anything.

Kind of odd they wouldn't even bother posting that here, in the actual Beta forum, or post anything else here for that matter. The software hasn't changed at all since the initial release.

Anyway, I don't need a roadmap. Just a pulse.


On Sonos, it still appears in "Sonos Labs", which means it's still in testing. And given Plex's lack of involvement here, I don't even think they're still working on it.


Any feedback from Plex regarding the new Sonos API would be nice.

Anything going to change with the new programming interface?

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