Is it possible to enable a volume overlay?



I am running latest version of PMP on Windows 10 (not embedded).

I have swapped my integrated amp for a power amp, so I now need to control the volume via the PC rather than via the amp. I can do this fine using a RC6 IR remote, and when in Windows 10 desktop, a volume overlay pops up when I press volume + or - or mute, showing me what number the volume is at.

However, within PMP there is no overlay pop up when changing volume, so I cannot tell where it's at, and I am a bit concerned about setting it too high and damaging my speakers.

So, is there a way to have a GUI / overlay pop-up within PMP when I press volume + or - or mute please?


Anyone? I wonder if there is a setting in mpv.conf that would turn this on?


Bump - any advanced settings options for this please?


It works if I take the tick out of full screen, but then I can see the task bar at the bottom of the screen. Is there a way to force full screen in windowed mode? That seems to allow the volume overlay graphic to show.


So, I am looking for a way to display the volume overlay in PMP so when I change the volume via the remote, it briefly flashes up the volume number / percentage.

Or, can I run PMP in full screen windowed, in order to be able to see the windows volume overlay pop up please?


Can anyone help please?


@lisagood I had this flagged to look into as I'm running a similar setup (PMP and Windows 10), but it was one of those weeks where I didn't get a chance to actually sit down and watch something in PMP until last night.

On my Windows 10 HTPC, the volume keys on my keyboard have no effect in Plex and so if your remote's +/- buttons are mapping to those key functions, that may explain the issue (PMP might be seeing the key presses as volume up/volume down, which it seems to ignore).

I'm able to adjust the PMP volume via my keyboard's + and - keys (not the dedicated volume keys), and so there may be a need to dig a little into creating a custom inputmap where you manually bind your remote's +/- buttons to the corresponding functions to which Plex will respond/react.


Hi @onekmilesbehind thanks for the reply.

The volume adjustment is working, I just don't have any visual indicator to tell me that. I can turn the volume up and down via the remote when using PMP, and hear the sound get louder and quieter, but I would like to see a graphic overlay showing me which number the volume is on. Eg, 20% or 90%.

This so that as I change between different content, I don't accidentally start playing back something too loud and damage my speakers.


Ah, thanks @lisagood, so the volume is changing (good), but without the GUI showing so (not good), got it. Can you recreate the issue then upload the logfile from PMP? That will at least show what is going on with PMP as the remote adjusts the volume and we can go from there.


Thanks for the reply @onekmilesbehind . Are you able to replicate the issue on your Windows 10 PMP install?

So, if you open PMP then alter the volume with a remote or keyboard, do you get a volume indicator flash up showing you what the volume is changing from or to?


Because I have 4 machines in the house running Windows 10 and PMP and I don't get a volume overlay on any of them, so I don't see how logs would help with this issue? Anyone who looks at the log, could just look at their own Win 10 / PMP set-up and observe the issue first hand?


@lisagood I do in fact see a volume overlay in PMP (v1.3.4, running in full screen/tv mode on Windows 10) when hitting the + and - keys on my keyboard. I'm currently using an aluminum Apple remote paired with a FLIRC as my remote/simplified input, but the up/down buttons on that are mapped to the up arrow and down arrow, respectively, so my logs reflect that input. I was just curious to see if your remote is sending some other key input to PMP, which triggered a volume change, but no overlay to appear.

You mentioned you have 4 machines running PMP on Windows 10, do all have the same remote control and audio out configuration (ie optical, HDMI, etc)? I'd be interested to see if one of them has access to a keyboard and if the +/- keys produce the overlay or not.


@onekmilesbehind well that is interesting. I have quite a few Windows 10 machines, some as plex clients and some for other uses. Some are connected to amps, where the volume is left at 100, and then I remotely control the volume on the amp. And some aren't.

I just did a quick test on my main work desktop, this has a wired keyboard connected to it which has shortcuts mapped for controlling the volume. When PMP is running, these shortcuts do change the volume (it gets louder and quieter) but there is no visual prompt showing the volume being changed.

I have never see any visual prompts regarding volume change on any machine running Windows 10 when PMP is running in full screen mode.

So, what is different about your set-up that you see it, and I don't? Is it a plex volume change that you see, or the Windows 10 one? Could you post a screen shot? And one of your settings? Is it the FLIRC device that causes the volume overlay to show? Could you connect a wired keyboard to the machine and change the volume that way to see if the volume overlay still shows?

I attach a log of the machine where I really need the volume overlay to show.


A 24 hour bump...


@onekmilesbehind any more info about this please? Is the volume overlay only present when you are using a FLIRC device? Is it a Plex volume overlay or the Windows 10 one? If I buy a FLIRC device for this machine, and configure it to work with my remote, will I get a volume overlay?

Developers - should there be a volume overlay with Plex Media Player? If so, how do I enable it on this machine please?


Hey @lisagood sorry for dropping off, work has picked up and I have not had not much time to look into this. To answer your questions first, no the overlay only appears when using my wireless keyboard's + and - keys; the remote pairing through FLIRC doesn't have volume keys mapped. The overlay is the PMP one, not Windows. Buying a FLIRC may fix your issue if you find a remote with enough programmable buttons, but I wouldn't purchase one until we can get a dev to chime in on this.

I did look at the logs and compared with one of mine and these were the differences I noticed in the setup (your values listed first):

Windows Version: 10.0.14393 (anniversary update) vs 10.0.15063 (creator's update)
Audio setup: optical/2.0 vs HDMI/auto (I may be wrong here, as I could have misread the log values)
Graphics Engine: OpenGL vs ANGLE

I never looked at this issue prior to me applying the creator's update, so that alone may be the source (unless one of your machines is already running the update and isn't getting an overlay). I don't have an optical setup to test with anymore, but the overlay should appear regardless. Further, I switched to OpenGL mode, manually set my audio settings to match yours, and still got an overlay so I don't think those are the culprit.

The other difference was the remote key input--we have different logged key behavior, though it's hard to tell when you hit the volume keys (I found a sequence that looks correct, but again, could be wrong):

2017-07-10 08:39:42 [ DEBUG ] InputComponent.cpp @ 152 - Input received: source: "Keyboard" keycode: "Down" : InputBase::InputkeyState(KeyUp)
2017-07-10 08:39:43 [ DEBUG ] InputComponent.cpp @ 152 - Input received: source: "Keyboard" keycode: "Down" : InputBase::InputkeyState(KeyDown)
2017-07-10 18:38:18 [ DEBUG ] InputComponent.cpp @ 152 - Input received: source: "Keyboard" keycode: "0x5bV" : InputBase::InputkeyState(KeyDown)
2017-07-10 18:38:18 [ DEBUG ] CachedRegexMatcher.cpp @ 68 - No match for: "0x5bV"
2017-07-10 18:38:18 [ DEBUG ] InputComponent.cpp @ 152 - Input received: source: "Keyboard" keycode: "Meta+0x5bV" : InputBase::InputkeyState(KeyUp)

I've attached the picture of the overlay I see when pressing + or -, as well as some pictures of my settings. My audio settings are set to auto-select channels and device, device type is set to HDMI, passthrough enabled for everything, and exclusive mode also enabled.

@vlang I'm sure you're swamped, but do you have any insight as to why @lisagood doesn't get a volume overlay when changing volume in PMP (log attached in previous post)? Are there any known keys that will trigger a volume change, but not trigger the overlay?


Well that is bizarre, I have never seen that overlay on any of my machines. That is exactly what I need. How do I get it?

EDIT, Sorry, I should have said thanks for your help so far!


Is there a developer around that can help with this please? Must be an advanced setting somewhere that can switch the volume overlay on?


Maybe this is a desktop mode vs. TV mode confusion?

Desktop mode is what PMP normally shows windowed, and TV mode is normally used in fullscreen mode. But these modes can be set independent from the window mode.

As far as I'm aware, the volume bar (aka overlay) in onekmilesbehind's screenshot exists only in TV mode. As long as the key is correctly mapped, it should always be shown when volume is changed. So if volume changes, the overlay should be shown as well.

You can force TV mode by going into the TV settings, and setting the "Layout" option to "TV". It's also possible to switch the window mode without changing the UI mode with Shift+F11.


Hi @vlang I just tried the machine in question in both desktop mode and tv mode and I don't see the plex volume overlay in either. The volume is changing with the remote presses (gets louder and quieter) but I don't see the overlay / volume bar.