Is it worth running PMS on Nighthawk X10?



I'm looking to move PMS off of my iMac and am wondering if I should go with Nighthawk and upgrade my router in the process or get something like an Intel NUC or Nvidia Shield. What do you recommend?


I’m no expert but I have both, and in my experience Nvidia Shield works great since it has a built in PMS. You will lose a few features like being able to download and install channels from the unsupported appstore and the storage space issue if you get the 16GB version. I can’t comment on the Intel NUC because my Plex has never worked properly on it. I switched from an HDD to a SSD and my files still won’t play. Live TV has worked once or twice. I don’t want to blame the NUC but I don’t know why I can’t play a file. I’m sure it works for someone, just not me.