Is Live TV for PS4 on the radar?



I have a second PS4 down in my shed hooked up to a Telly without an aerial. It would be excellent if Live TV would come to the PS4 app, so I can also watch Live TV on that system over Wi-FI.


I agree; while I have a TV antenna on my downstairs TV, some channels are subject to interference. I only have a PS4 for Plex device on this TV, so live TV via the app would be awesome.


I would also like this and for the samsung smarthub app as well…


It would be great to be able to watch live tv on the ps4!


Getting live tv on the ps4 would be absolutely perfect for my set up.


I can’t believe that they still haven’t done this…


Yes, This needs to happen.


I was disappointed after receiving my HDHomeRun and setting up the live channels on Plex on my browser that their was no option on the PS4 to use Live Programming. Wump Wump. Patiently waiting. …


Welp, I canceled my Plex Pass after reading this.

Sure, I can use my nVidia Shield for Live TV, but the lack of support for the PS4 is terrible. I can’t even stream in original quality to the PS4, it only runs comfortably at 4Mbps 720p.


I have a sneaking suspicion that Sony may be blocking this because it would compete with PlayStation Vue