Is the DVR and Live TV function available on the Samsung Smart Hub app?



I have a 2015 JS8500 TV and a 2016 UBD-K8500 Bly-Ray player. I have a Windows 10 computer serving as the Plex Media Server. I have live TV recordings on the server that were recorded using Nextpvr and a Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD tuner. I can view the recordings, pause, skip forward, etc. using the Plex app on both the TV and Blu-Ray player. If I purchase the Plex Pass, will I be able to watch live TV and use the DVR functions on the Samsung Plex apps?


No, not at the moment. I tried to add Live TV to the app, but the format the server is producing for Live TV isn’t compatible with Samsung TVs. I’m not sure Plex is going to change that, but for now it doesn’t work.
If you have a HDHomerun device you can add a channel that will allow you to play Live TV on the app.


Thanks for the response. I’ll try to monitor this to see if the situation changes. I was resurrecting an older HTPC and was having some technical problems so I thought I’d step back and evaluate my options. Using the app on the TV seemed like something I should look at but I need full DVR functionality. I’ll go back to trying to resolve my technical issues with the HTPC.


Don’t get me wrong, you can still view the things you recorded with Plex by using the app.
Recorded TV Shows, just end up in the TV Show section. It’s just does not support the program-guide,
But you can use Plex web to setup what to record.


I understand. But my Dish Network contract is ending in a few months and I’m exploring cutting the cord. I need something Hopper like for the WAF. I need to be able to turn the thing on, start watching, pausing, and forwarding/rewinding live TV; and easily access the recordings. Even the Plex app would be challenging since it needs to be started after the TV is turned on.


Ah Ok, maybe the Nvidia Shield is a option for you. That does have what you want.


Yep, that is one of the options I’m considering if the HTPC doesn’t do what I want. The problem is my tuner needs an internal PCI slot so I need some kind of PC server somewhere in the chain; so I might as well have it connected directly to my TV and eliminate the additional box.


From what I see in a recording from Plex, Plex records the file in the transport stream format that is the same format that is received by the TV from the antenna and the TV is able to show terrestrial broadcast via antenna. I can record a file via plex, put the file on usb drive and plug it into my Samsung TV and the TV can play it. Why is it being said that the format the plex server uses is the issue? Is there a different format that used during live recording that is later translated into the final transport stream format that is saved to the disk?